Cost of Studying in Canada: With regards to studying abroad countries, Canada is definitely an affordable choice. The price of studying in Canada is high yet manageable because of the truth that it provides ample methods to fund college. To speak of the all-inclusive costs of studying in Canada for Indian students, Canadian college charges for worldwide students may be the greatest contributor. But it’s to become noted here that tuition charges for worldwide students in Canada are slightly less when compared with other famous study destinations like the US and Australia.

Tuition charges rely on the kind of universities in Canada, however, the average price of studying in Canada varies from CAD 20,000 to CAD 60,000. This believed the total price of studying in Canada depends upon many other factors such as housing, transportation, food, medical health insurance, etc. The Canadian city you decide to reside in determines your overall expenses to study in Canada along with your living budget.

An Overview of Cost of Studying in Canada in Indian Rupees

Prior to getting into specifics RTP Live from the total expenses to Study in Canada, let’s possess a broad summary of the research in Canada in Rupees. The table below represents how much cash is needed to study in Canada if you are an Indian student. link slot gacor Do bear in mind these pricing estimates which the all-inclusive costs of studying in Canada will be based upon the college/college and lifestyle you select.

costs of studying in Canada

Expense Type Cost (INR)
IELTS/ TOEFL (One time) 14,700
Purchase of GIC (One time) 5,59,103
Tuition fees (Total fees) 10,00,000- 35,00,000
Application Fee (One time) 11,000
Application for Study Permit (One time) 8,000
Visa Procedure (One time) 4,500
Flight Tickets (One way) 1,00,000
Living expenses (yearly) 5,00,000
Health insurance (yearly) 50,000
Total expenses to study in Canada 22,38,000 – 28,50,000

Let us now move on to the different expenses to study in Canada that you need to bear as an international student:

Pre Arrival Cost of Studying in Canada for Indian Students

Wish to consider covering the very first phase of expenses to study in Canada that starts before your body part of Canada. Included in this are:

  1. Appear for language proficiency and other subject-specific tests
  2. Arrange for proof of the cost of studying and living in Canada
  3. The application process for universities and colleges in Canada
  4. Certificat d’acceptation du Québec (CAQ) to study in Quebec
  5. Apply for a study permit
  6. Appear for medical test
  7. Book flight tickets

Let us discuss each of these expenses in detail:

  • Appear for English Language Proficiency and Other Subject-Specific Tests

The table below provides you with a peek at entrance exams to review in Canada, in almost any which the ideal college may need on your application of studying in Canada.

Test Registration fees (INR) No. of free scorecards Cost per additional scorecard (INR)
IELTS 14,700 5 1500
TOEFL 14,000 4 1500
GMAT 18,800 5 800
GRE (General/Subject) 16,600/12,500 4 2000
CAEL 11000 5 1100

Arrange for Proofs for the Cost of Studying and Living in Canada

Tuition fees for the first year of the course: Whenever you get the letter of acceptance from the designated learning institute (DLI) in Canada, it might request you to submit the schooling charges for that newbie of the course. These charges for worldwide students in Canada rely upon several factors like the college or college, the time period of your course, the concept of the study, and whether it’s an undergraduate or postgraduate course.

Other fees: Combined with the college Cost of Studying in Canada, one has to show proof of enough funds. This is part of acquiring your study permit. The minimum quantity of funds you ought to have to add yourself as a student is summarized in the table below. They are apart from the schooling charges. As a whole, both tuition charges along with other charges as proven within the table below are necessary to procure a Canadian student visa. Please be aware that these don’t include funds if you’re a little family people along with you to Canada that you can find more charges.

Region Amount of funds for a year Amount of funds for a month
Outside Quebec CAD 10,000

(INR 5,39,000)

CAD 833

(INR 45,000)

Inside Quebec CAD 11,000

(INR 5,93,000)

CAD 917

(INR 50,000)

These funds could be arranged by buying an assured Investment Certificate, taking an instruction loan, or getting a sponsor who is able to give you support.

3. Application Process for Universities and Colleges in Canada

Each institution comes with an application fee with respect to the program is applying for. Different for Canadian citizens and worldwide students, it might vary from CAD 45 to CAD 200 (INR 2400 to 11000/-). You’ll have to submit a foreign language proficiency test scorecard apart from academic or experience transcripts to every college while applying.

4. Certificat d’acceptation du Québec (CAQ) 

To study at universities in Québec, the worldwide students, based on their time period of study need to obtain permission to review by the governments of Quebec and Canada by making use of some certificate of acceptance. Including application charges of CAD 114 (INR 6100/-) and expenses for delivering the documents to Quebec (roughly INR 2000/-).

5. Apply for a Study Permit

Your fee for trying to get a research permit in Canada is CAD 150 (INR 8000/-). Your charge for giving biometrics (fingerprints and photograph) is CAD 85 (INR 4500/-).

7. Apply for a Medical test

You have to pay all charges associated with the health check when you are in India, such as the fee from the physician, radiologist specialist, and any special tests, investigations, or treatment needed. You can’t grab yourself tested by the physician of your liking but need to pick one according to a panel recommended by the Canadian government.

8. Book your Flight Tickets

It is time to fly to your dream country! You can choose a direct flight from India to Canada or with stop-overs. The cost of tickets varies accordingly and may range from INR 90,000 to 2 lacs.